For those seeking a full immersive cinema effect in their home, look no further. Eyeon Integrated Systems can help. 

For many people a simple TV and sounder are adequate enough for their viewing experience. For others, that simply just won't do. Lucky for you we have you covered. There are many considerations that go into that perfect home movie theater. Many homes today come with a dedicated media space. Other customers call us during a remodel phase. There are almost endless options. Regardless of your choice it really comes down to these three important things that are crucial to every Media Room.



TV's today are capable of up to 8k resolution. Thats 7680x4320 pixels. Thats an insane amount of stunning imagery when you think about how not very long ago all eyes were drawn to 1980x1080 as being the holy grail of home video. If like me you grew up with a big box behind the TV that you could never dream of putting on a wall, you have to think of how far we have come from 480p resolution. 

Maybe you want a stunning 120" or larger screen with a short throw or mounted projector. Todays laser projectors rival and surpass many of the projectors you see in theaters.


Equally important to video, the audio and how it Is projected plays a crucial part in the overall experience. When that jet plane or car goes chilling by, we want you to hear the subversive sound exactly where it was intended. Whether you want a 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos set up, we can certainly fit the right sound in your project. We could write an entire college course on the benefits of the right speaker, it's evenly as important as the video.

Lights & Furniture

This is the area that isn't often thought of. We have many lighting solutions and smart home programs. We can dim the lights with a certain command and also offer a full line of home theater seating to accommodate your personal preferences. 


Whatever your personal preference, call Eyeon today and let one of our personal Design Consultants help with your design. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Post by Eyeon Integrated Systems
November 15, 2022